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Not everyone gets it, to be fair not everyone wants it, but for those that do…. the sense of freedom, the adventure, the feeling of just being out there. It’s simply in our DNA.


Forty Winks started with a solution…….

A simple, well made, affordable Kombi Bed that wasn’t over engineered and wouldn’t limit the use of an everyday vehicle. It's been quite a journey and sure we’ve had our ups & downs but behind the scenes our brand is built from friendship. A couple of childhood pals growing up together, liking the same things, going on the same adventures and having the same values.


It’s hard to say exactly when needing a folding bed or parcel shelf for a family of 5 to go camping turned into an opportunity to fulfil a life ambition, but it did. The idea of making a living out of a hobby felt unimaginable at the time (still feels weird now to be honest) but as it turned out we weren’t the only people wanting the same things. The need to drop the kids off at school on a Monday morning or even take the Christmas tree to the tip on a cold January afternoon, like so many other people we wanted the adventure but couldn’t afford to lose the practicalities.


So, fast forward 4 years and here we are. From humble beginnings on eBay to telling our story purely on Facebook, growing purely on reputation. We now send products all over the country everyday and with our product range growing and developing all the time Forty Winks has now evolved into a true enthusiasts brand.


Built with friendship, developed from experience, enabling you….to be out there.   

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