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Whether it's for washing your hands, brushing your teeth, or even rinsing fresh food the BOXIO Wash Plus portable sink kit is the ultimate go anywhere product.


Forget elaborate, expensive water systems that are both heavy and cumbersome. The BOXIO portable sink requires NO power thanks to the easy-to-use hand pump and the robust compact design easily allows you to integrate it into any existing van set-up.  The handy detachable shower hose can stretch up to approximately 950mm, ideal for washing a range of things. 


How it works:

*  Once your portable camping sink is assembled and the fresh water tank is filled, the sink is ready for use!

*  Open the lid and position the faucet and the hand pump in the designated slots.

*  Check if the tap is closed and operate the pump a few times (pump 3-10 times). This stores an overpressure in the fresh water canister. This ensures that the water flows as soon as the water tap is opened. Now you are ready the let the water flow.

*  For longer washing sessions, you can simply pump a little more if necessary.


What's included:

*  BOXIO Eurobox washbasin/sink 400 x 300 x 280mm with lid

*  Sink insert

*  Fresh water canister (5L)

*  Wastewater canister (5L)

*  Hand pump

*  Water tap

*  Hoses and fresh water tank grommet

*  2 x screw cap fresh water (1 x closed, 1 x cap for tank feed through for fresh water tank)

*  2 x screw cap domestic water (1 x closed as slosh protection, 1 x with sealing membrane)

*  Strainer for drain

*  Drain plug

*  Plug and play flexible shower hose

*  Self-adhesive acrylic mirror 7" x 7"

*  Environmentally friendly cleaning balls.

BOXIO Wash Plus Bundle

  • Sent via Royal Mail 48 hour service

  • *  Compact Eurobox size:  14.7 "x 11.8" x 11.0" with lid.

    * Manufactured in Germany, Eurobox and sink are made from recycled plastic.

    *  5l fresh water tank and 5l waste water tank.

    *  Thanks to the hand pump, the sink is always ready to use, no dead battery or forgotten recharging.

    *   Ready to use: you don't have to run water pipes or cables across your van.

    *  Everything included: pump, washbasin, tank, seals. Everything you need for your camping sink is included.

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