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The BOXIO composting toilet is the ultimate alternative to chemical toilets.  Ultralight, stable, hygenic and compact, the BOXIO composting toilet is easy to use and makes life on the road that little bit easier...


* Small and stable: a complete composting toilet in a durable and stackable format. 

* Convenient and solid: easy disposal, trouble-free cleaning.

* Inconspicuous and robust: a separation toilet that does not look like a toilet.

* Environmentally friendly and made in Germany: mainly made of recycled plastic.


How to use:

* Lift up the liquid diverter and attach one of the tear resistant, compostable bags to the solids container.  Add a handful of hemp.

* Use as a normal toilet, disposing of the toilet paper in the waste container.

* Sprinkle the solid residue with the odor binding hemp litter and close the sealing lid.

* Each toilet has a 8-10 use capacity.


How to dispose:

* Urine can be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10 and spilled in a responsible open space away from others.  

* Urine can be flushed down a regular toilet (as no chemicals are added)   

* Well packaged solids can be disposed of in appropriate residual waste (as per baby nappies).   

* Solids can be composted. Sufficient composting should be ensured before compost is used.

* Please pay attention to the disposal site responsibly.


What’s included:

* BOXIO toilet 400 x 300 x 280mm with lid.

* Urine diverter.

* Collection container with lid.

* Urine canister.

* 3 x 25 compostable bag rolls.

* 2 x bags of odor binding hemp litter.

* Travel stopper.

BOXIO Composting Toilet Kit

  • Sent via Royal Mail 48 hour service

  • * Compact size: 14,7" x 11,8" x 11" (L x W x H with lid) finds its place in almost every van, pop-top or luggage space.

    * Capacity for about 8-10 uses.

    * A hygienic solid waste container (1,32 gallons) with lid.

    * A leak-proof urine canister (1,32 gallons)

    * Regional product made from recycled plastic.

    * Environmentally friendly alternative to the chemical toilet.

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