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The perfect solution for anyone wanting or owning a Volkswagen SWB Kombi Van that require it to be so much more...


Recline the back seats to create a full width double bed ready for any adventure. When not in use the bed conveniently folds up behind the back seats enabling everyday use of the van without compromising on space. When folded down the bed acts as a parcel shelf allowing you to not only utilise the full height of the van but also double up as a handy platform.


In addition to the bed, Slideaway enables easy access to items in hard to reach areas. Practical and well built, Slideaway can be used with or without our Kombi Bed in situ.


The tray itself is fully fabricated in a 6mm aluminium chequer plate which is both light in weight and extremely durable.


Steel brackets fix directly into the existing VW floor points enabling easy removal and installation. The bed frame also bolts into the redundent 3rd seat mount located just above the wheel arch. No drilling is required.


Please note:

Our slideaway system has a robust aluminium tray fixed against steel upstands with moving sliders in between. Therefore on occasion, some gentle noise can be heard when the van is in motion escpecially on bumpy and uneven surfaces/terrain. 

Included in the Kombi Bed System Bundle:


  • 1x Slideaway and brackets 
  • 1x Carpeted SWB Kombi Bed & fixings
  • 2x Pairs of Thumb Turns
  • 1x Premium Tri-folding Kombi Bed Mattress



We are excited to say that we recently enhanced the design of our standard SWB Bed by developing a new ‘wing’ fitting. This will replace the existing dog leg that you will have seen in our images. We’re excited about this development as we feel it makes our Bed even better!


The wing improves the look of the Bed, it makes it easier to store when out of the Van (due to the wing being easily removable and the frame is then less intrusive when, for example, standing up in storage) and it increases the integrity of the Bed as it’s made from a folded 5mm steel plate.


We’re confident you’ll agree with the tweak of our design but please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions.


SWB Slideaway Kombi Bed System & Premium Mattress bundle

  • Drawer size (Internal)

    1400mm (L) x 980mm (W) x 65mm (H)

    Drawer extension

    1420mm (fully extended)

    Underside clearance when used with our Kombi Bed


    Gap from the edge of the bed to the tailgate or barn doors


    Drawer slides load rating

    Each slider has a manufacturers guidance of a 140kg load capacity.

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