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THQ Alpicool TWW35 12v/24v + Mains Charging, 35L Portable Battery Powered Fridge Freezer – with LG Compressor.


First of all we love this fridge. It’s the go anyway, do anything fridge. We’ve been using one of these ourselves for over a year now. It fits perfectly in the back of a van under a Forty Winks Kombi Bed.


The 230v and 12v charging options, plus additional solar if required, is a great model, ‘out and about’ fridge. Plus if you need a back up fridge at home or have 230v plugs in your camper, you can charge it direct off that.


The Alpicool TWW35 Portable Battery Powered Fridge Freeze uses a high quality + high performance LG Compressor meaning it runs quieter and more efficiently than many other fridges on the market.


It features a clever door/ lid hinge system, meaning it can open outwards both left and right which is also removable making it a lot easier for cleaning. This lid can be used as a seat, or as a work surface with a location for the chopping board provided, neatly stored on the underside of the fridge lid.


With the Alpicool having the dual climate option, you can store a range of different food and drink products at a temperature which suits the whole party. The mobile app connectivity is great way to monitor the fridges battery capacity along with making sure the temperature is set to where you like it. Yep thats right, you can monitor and control the temperature and power usage separately via bluetooth on an app on your smart phone (app – “Car Fridge Freezer”).


The durable wheels and telescopic handle make it a lot more practical for transportation which can be used on multiple terrains.



  • Digital LED Control Panel
  • Bluetooth app control and monitoring via smart phone
  • Dual Temperature
  • Fast Cooling
  • High Performance LG Compressor (quiet operation)
  • Removable Lithium Battery
  • USB Output for Phone Charging
  • Black in Colour
  • Reversible Opening Lid (opening left or right + removable)
  • Secure Door Catch preventing opening while moving
  • Easily Removable baskets for removing all contents food and drink at once
  • Water draining system/ Drain Plug in both compartments which aids easy cleaning
  • Chargeable via 12v in car socket or standard household mains (chargers included) or via Solar (solar panels available separately)
  • 2 Year Warranty


Technical Speciation:

  • Model: TWW35 – with Uprated LG Compressor
  • Capacity: 35 Litres
  • Outer Dimensions: L600mm x W400mm x H440mm
  • Fridge Internal Dimensions: L200mm x W309mm x H154mm
  • Freezer Internal Dimensions: L269mm x W309mm x H330mm
  • N.W: 17.5kg
  • Operation: AC100-240v, DC12/24v
  • Rated Power Unit: 60w
  • Chilling Temperatures: -20 – +20°c

THQ Alpicool TWW35 12v/24v + Mains Charging, 35L Portable Battery Powered Fridge

  • Sent via Royal Mail 48 hour service

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