It's a way of life...

Bike Stations

A secure, easy and clean way to transport your bikes inside your van.

Our Kombi Beds

The perfect bed solution allowing you to be as 
versatile as your van.

Bedtime story...

Not everyone gets it, to be fair not everyone wants it, but for those that do…. the sense of freedom, the adventure, the feeling of just being out there. It’s simply in our DNA.


Forty Winks started with a solution…….

A simple, well made, affordable kombi bed that wasn’t over engineered and wouldn’t limit the use of an everyday vehicle. It's been quite a journey and sure we’ve had our ups & downs but behind the scenes our brand is built from friendship. A couple of childhood pals growing up together, liking the same things, going on the same adventures and having the same values.

Start planning

your next adventure...

A picture is worth a thousand words...



Unit 15, 100 Baker Road,

Giltbrook, Nottingham

NG16 2DP

Tel: 07592 671316

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